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Bio Sculpture Gels

Unlike varnish that chips and peels, Bio Sculpture is a durable gel that is applied as an overlay onto the natural nails. The gel is then cured under UV light to give it that strong, flexible glossy finish which lasts up to three weeks. The gel is a treatment that helps to stengthen and condition your natural nails.

Gel Hands - £30

Gel Manicure - £35

Gel Feet - £30

Gel Pedicure - £40

Soak off and tidy - £12

Extra £5 for removal when gels are being re-applied 

Repair (per nail) - £3

What is the difference betwee BioSculpture and other gel systems?

Bio Sculpture is a very different product to other gels and hybrid gel polishes, the main difference being that Bio Sculpture will not cause any damage to the natural nails. Most gel systems on the market are acrylic based and cannot be removed without damaging the natural nail. The other difference is there is no need for primers or dehydrators in order for the gel to adhere to the natural nail. The new hybrid gel polish formulas are somewhere between nail polish and Bio Sculpture Gel. They last a lot longer than regular nail polish, but not nearly as long-lasting as Bio Sculpture. 

Whats involved in removing BioSculpture gel?

Bio Sculpture Gel is removed in minutes with a specially formulated Soak Off solution designed to remove the Gel, without damaging or dehydrating the natural nail underneath. A small cotton pad soaked in Gel Remover is placed directly over the gel, the fingertip is then wrapped in foil. After approximately 10 minutes the gel will peel off the nail, leaving a beautiful healthy nail underneath.

All colours are available in nail varnish so you can match your toes when having a pedicure. 

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